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07 November 2020 @ 11:07 am

Yes, from now on, kahel16 is a semi-friends only journal. Majority of my entries will be flocked from now on because I'm not willing to expose my whole self to the whole world. At least, I know I would be telling my life to people who I trust and care for.

Some media will be not flocked for a couple of days then will be flocked.

Kindly check my info  page for the things that I like. I sometimes rant about different things. I post a lot of picspam entries, usually containing me and my friends. And even though I do have a pretty hectic school schedule, I try to make sure that I check my flist from time to time :)

 So then, comment here and I'll add you. You can add me, but it usually takes a longer time for me to add you back if you don't comment here :D

31 May 2012 @ 01:23 am

People say that defending the Philippine claim over the Spratly Island is exercising our sovereignty. Since we claim them as a part of our territory, other countries should not interfere nor occupy that area. China should let go of their territorial claim over the Scarborough Shoal and the rest of the Kalayaan Group of islands because those rocks are part of the Philippine territory. 

That's the argument of those who support the current government's aggressiveness towards the claim of the Spratlys. At first, I thought that it's really good that the government is going against China. The past government was quite passive regarding this issue. Instead they balanced China's interests with outs. The reality is, can we actually be serious in fighting against China? Our military's not in tip-top shape, China won't agree in submitting the case to the ICJ, and I can't think of a state that could serve as a mediator. In other words, is it really essential for us to defend our claim? 

I am sure that one way or another, USA would play a role in this territorial dispute. As an important ally of the Philippines and of course, as a political hegemon, they will not take this issue sitting down. It might not be a direct contact from USA to the Philippines in terms of decision making over this issue, such as sending over "special envoys" or personnel that would actively play in the deliberation and decision making process. Whenever US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton would express their interests in the territorial dispute, China would automatically react, saying that "You should not stick your nose into other peoples' business. Leave us alone." Even though, they will still find "obscure" avenues that would allow them to help or be involved in the conflict resolution. What we can see so far is the donation of old fighter jets, Visitng Forces Agreement and other donated military paraphernalia and military training. Actually, we don't know if US is already playing a definite role behind this aggressive behavior. (Thinking about it, I really don't see why US needs to prod the Philippines in assessing our claim over the Kalayaan Group of Islands.)  Anyhow, the fact is, US will play a role in this dispute but it will always be in unconventional methods. 

What about our neighbors, or the other countries who also experience the same dispute with China? ASEAN cannot really help out, considering that in the past, the members did not place the same amount of importance towards this issue as we do. They might deem China as an important economic partner and do not wish to do anything that would endanger their current economic relationship. 

Now that the tension has escalated, China has stopped Chinese tourists from visiting the Philippines and the importation of Philippine Bananas. Several small scale banana growers are affected, and this includes the lives of the people working in ntheir plantations. Finding another market is quite hard, since competition from other countries is also fierce. Losing a good customer and finding another one that has the same demands as China would be quite difficult, in my opinion. China is slowly flexing their economic muscles, showing their power and capability as a state. If ever we continue this fight, it might lead to greater economic repercussions that might create a visible dent in our economy. Can we do the same? Let's be realistic here-- I really don't think so. 

We should also take in consideration the rate China's military is expanding and improving. Since they have the financial capability to improve and manufacture military paraphernalia, the growth and improvement rate is exponential. All their machinery can be better than ours and the sheer number can overwhelm us. They can also pressure us by placing Chinese war vessels near the disputed islands. Vessels that can defeat our measly ships in a heartbeat. 

Acquiring new artillery and ships by the Philippine Government will be met with opposition from peace groups and others who say that the money spent should be allocated to increasing the budget for education, food programs and such. Relying on US or letting the American soldiers train here will be met with opposition from groups that fight for the country's "freedom". In other words, before we reach that "win" situation with China, we will have to face the domestic problems that will arise in the process. As of the moment, I don't think we should tackle something as complicated as this. We don't have the economic, political and of course, military capability to back us up. We have allies, but it is still better for us to use our own resources so we can keep this dispute among the involved parties. 

What do we have that can fight against China?
What do we have that can put China in a corner and make them give up their claims? 

Tell me. 

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22 April 2012 @ 01:09 am
If you're expecting the unexpected, then that means that you're basically expecting something that you're not prepared or imagined, making it "unexpected". This means that the whole phrase in itself negates what it wants to say.

The way I interpret it, you're supposed to let things happen without having any presumptions whatsoever. You're not expecting anything to happen; you're just letting things flow with time. With a mindset like this, it makes the person to be more alert, innovative and flexible since it asks for the person to quickly adapt to the situation. When you expect the unexpected, you're basically expecting something to happen, and that something is basically a scenario that you weren't able to imagine or predict yourself. In a way, it heightens the person's awareness and flexibility but it negates the concept of just letting things happen without any presumption, as previously stated.

In a sense, the artistic structure of the sentence brings the attention of the person way from its true meaning. Then, how should it be phrased? I think the statement itself should be obliterated. The statement, "go with the flow" retains the main idea of just letting things happen. However, it contains connotations that do not fit the corollary ideas. In other words, I still don't know.

Any ideas?

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21 April 2012 @ 01:05 am
I've always loved Royai. It's a pairing that I'll never grow old of. Their partnership and romance (or however you want to put it) inspires me and makes me think, "Will I actually ever find someone who I can treat and feel the same way as they do to each other?" 

Among all the fanfictions I've read, Apples from the Tree, Living in Borrowed Time, Mustang Family Journals, Midnight Conversations and Origins have to be some of my favorites. All those stories were written with a light tone and were designed to make the reader feel warm and giddy inside. Some of the fics there contain some action or drama, but the whole story in itself is lighter compared to others.Best Kept Secret, We that are young, Shall never see so much and Ruby Throat are in a different category. They're deeper as compared to the aforementioned stories, and contain so much more drama and character development. They explore more than expected the character's thoughts and actions, deepening the story. It creates a certain depth that somehow touches you and tells you how hard they've maintained their relationship (may it be professional or romantic) and how much they actually need each other. It's a whole different Roy and Riza, in my opinion. 

I realized that I've fallen in love with a pairing that was barely characterized by the author, and was fully developed by fanfiction writers. Though all of them have different Roy's and Riza's, the main characteristics of their personality and relationship remain. 
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29 February 2012 @ 02:06 am

One reason why I love being a Japanese studies major is it gives me a deeper look and understanding as to why Japan is Japan right now. I absolutely understand now why my professor did not like Zhang Zhi Yi's performance in Memoirs of a Geisha as a Japanese woman. There are definitely some things--most specifically, mannerisms--that can only be learned through YEARS and YEARS of training, and majority of these have been infused with the Japanese character already. Training would only refine it to make it look like she was a lady of Tokugawa Japan.

This realization stemmed from my experiences in Japan. The tea ceremony is so intricate and beautiful that I know I won't learn it even though I've been taught for around three times already. (First picture, I'm the one in the green skirt, right most.)
Calligraphy is not so easy too--there has to be this certain control not only with your hand and concentration but with your whole body and spirit. Very...abstract, I know. You have to be relaxed and let go of all your worries while doing the calligraphy. (Second picture on the right is actually me doing calligraphy in an elementary school in Japan.) 

My course, International Studies majoring on Japanese Studies, has made me understand why Japanese are so obedient, even though it undermines their freedom. According to my Japanese philosophy readings, their society has regulated every possible aspect of a person's life, from smiling to talking, and even dying. The mere fact of disobeying these rules lead to punishment not only from the living but from the dead. However, the underlying reason for their obedience is their appreciation of their ancestors, how they have protected their family for generations. The living do not wish to do anything that would endanger their relationship with their ancestors.  That is the most fascinating thing for me--how the Japanese pay so much respect for the dead. It's not 1000% logical (however, since when did religion present a logic that is based on reason that is not based on divinity?), but it makes a lot of sense. Scientific proof is hard to present for something like that, but it's so much more sensible and believable for me. 
Though my course has undoubtedly glorified Japan in my mind, still it gives me opportunities to become critical towards her glory. My international affairs related subjects has allowed me to look at Japan in a different environment and see how distinct they are from the rest.
In a nutshell, I love my course to death. And as a soon to be member of the society, I am so happy that I chose this path to find my real purpose in life.

~ first picture was from the Kanaoka Elementary School website. Main article can be found here.
~ second picture was taken by my Japanese Language professor in Shourinji Elementary School. Arigatou Itchon sensei! 

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25 February 2012 @ 06:49 pm

Finding that perfect theme for your LJ is so hard. I'm actually quite lazy to go through communities and search for that perfect theme or make my own banner and tinker with the CCS codes, so I chose from the available layouts. I'm kinda liking it--I just hope I can make the font smaller TT____TT 

Anyways, I've been wanting to share this for some time already. In my Elective Literature class last term, we were asked to analyze songs from different countries as a piece of literature. We submitted a copy of the mp3, lyrics in Nihongo, Romaji and of course, the English translation.

I was really ecstatic to do this because after listening to Japanese music for more than 5 years and being surrounded by it for more than 10 years, I know how beautiful and poetic they can be. This is what I wrote in my introduction to Japanese music:

For non-Japanese music listeners, Japanese music is full of cute, bubble pop songs sung by female singers or the traditional martial arts music, similar to the Chinese traditonal music. Though these perceptions are true, another trend could be seen among Japanese songs (most especially those in the rock genre). It is the poetic style of lyricists that make their songs so much more meaningful and beautiful at the same time, even without listening to the music itself. In other words, the lyrics alone is already a piece of art. 
I chose Kawaranai Kimochi from Burimyu, New World by L`Arc~en~Ciel and Tooi kono machi de by Kaiya Naomi from Card Captor Sakura. I wanted to do Melissa by Porno Graffiti as well, but I didn't have the time to analyze another song (since of course, I was cramming)

Kawaranai Kimochi (Unchanging Feelings)Collapse )

Tooi Kono Machi De (In this faraway town)Collapse )

New WorldCollapse )

For Korea, I chose Dal Peng I (KyuHyun's cover) and Super Junior's Don't Don. I wanted to analyse a song by DBSK but somehow I couldn't find one that made 900000000000000000000% sense. Somehow their lyrics are disjointed for me T__T I also wanted to do Brown Eyed Girls' Sixth Sense, but the same reason as DBSK's. 

Here is my introduction for Korean music: 

Nowadays, Korean music is almost everywhere. Majority of their mainstream music is composed of bubble music and punctuated by very catchy tunes. However, majority of their lyrics are quite shallow, not as poetic as Japanese music. Majority of these songs are about first love, or loving someone, or in general, it’s about love. As a KPop fan for more than 4 years, it gets very tiring to listen to songs who talk about the same topic over and over again. Nevertheless, there are still some songs that talk about other things. Dal Peng I (Snail) that talks about finding the motivation to go forward after being so tired and helpless, and Don’t Don (Don’t Money), a song about the society’s obsession with money. 
Dal Peng ICollapse )

Don't DonCollapse )

Tell me what you think :) 

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25 February 2012 @ 05:12 pm
When I'm doing my homework or writing our thesis, listening to relaxing or light songs is the way for me to get started. When I commute during the rush hour, listening to the aforementioned music really relax and put me at ease though I know I'll be runningbriskwalking through the campus like a madman once I get off the train.

Sifting through more than 350 songs in my phone, I listed down around 65 songs that I consider easy listening. Among the 65, I chose my top 10 songs and listed why I love them so much. I had the sudden urge to post it here as a valid reason to procrastinate for one of my minor subjects. XD  They're composed of English, Japanese and Korean songs from various soundtracks and artists. I also included a link to YouTube if you're interested to listen to the song (if it's available in YT XD). 

mada minu sekai~Collapse )

What do you think? I'm open to suggestions too :3 
06 February 2012 @ 10:33 pm


皆さん、おはようございます・こんにちは!Minasan, ohayou gozaimasu/konnnichiwa! (Good morning/afternoon everyone!)
私たちはArts College Government, Nihon Kenkyuu Kai, Lit Circle, FAST 2009と FAST2008から来ました We are from _____ FAST 2009 to FAST2008 kara kimashita. 
To celebrate the opening of the Univ Week and Arts Month, we will be having "Art of Cosplay" this coming monday, February 13 2012! 
Come to school in cosplay on monday, and you can also join the cosplay competition at 5! 
First time cosplayers are highly encouraged to join, and it doesn't have to be an anime character! Just remember your costume has to fit with the dress code, but colored wigs are allowed. 
Cosplayers, bands and models will be coming to perform in the Amphitheater from 5 pm onwards!
Remember, come in cosplay on monday for the Art of Cosplay! 
聞いてくれてありがとうございました!kiite kurete, arigatou gozaimashita! (Thank you very much for listening!)


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26 December 2011 @ 07:09 pm




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26 December 2011 @ 05:58 pm



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