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03 July 2011 @ 01:13 am
Only if Asia wasn't effin scared of Japan's possibility of becoming a hegemon, the Hallyu wave wouldn't be as strong as it is right now.

Japan couldn't promote their pop culture as heavily as Korea because of the people's fears of Japan becoming another military and political power. Asia's fear (especially those who were colonized and experienced their atrocities) of Japan returning to their WWII selves posed as a huge impediment in advancing Japan's pop culture. In other words, Japan's colonial past became a barrier for their immediate expansion, following their rise to an economic power during the 1970's~1980's.

South Korea has no historical imperial past, so countries usually perceive them as a "good" country without any strings attached. They wouldn't be scared if ever it becomes an economic power since they have no indications in the past that they would like to become an Asian hegemon. Because of this, they would allow Korea to continuously (and I might add, vigorously) campaign and promote in their country. They can easily broadcast their own channels such as Arirang, KBS and tvN, ensuring and strengthening the Hallyu wave.

On the other hand, Japan's pop culture expansion or promotion is generally perceived by their previously colonized countries as a form of cultural imperialism. That's why they can't easily broadcast their own entertainment channels to back up the growing fascination to Japanese pop culture, unlike what Korea's doing. If ever Japan was able to broadcast their entertainment channels and increase their promotion overseas, I don't think the Hallyu wave actually even stands a chance.

It's sad because they're actually the ones who started it in Asia. They started their promotion of pop culture WAY BACK in 1970's. However, due to their past atrocities influencing the people to think that they still have plans of becoming a hegemon, they couldn't fully utilize it. It's just.....sad.

Just my two cents on the Hallyu wave vs. Japan's Japanization (or the their pop culture in other words).

*Hegemon: a state who is economically, militarily and politically powerful. Synonymous to what the US was after the Cold War period, around 1980's. US to some extent is still a hegemon due to its economic and political power, but China's emergence and various events have lead to their decline. 

*Also, if you're wondering what book I'm reading for my thesis, it's this one: Iwabuchi, K. 2002. Recentering globalization: Popular culture and Japanese transnationalism, Duke University Press, USA. It's quite a good read, and it says a LOT about Japanese Pop Culture. A background on Behavioral Sciences would be good though to fully understand this book, I think :) 
25 April 2011 @ 10:57 pm
Title: Little Things
Author: kahel16 
Word Count: 1,871
Rating: G
Summary: Yonghwa's thoughts on how much he has fallen for Seohyun with the little things she did while they were "married". No matter how much those were memorable to him, he knew that they'll never be able to pursue anything further. 

A/N: Sort of sad. Please do not hesitate to correct me with my romanization. I hope Yonghwa's still in character >< 

Comments and concrit are very much welcomed! 

just like the little ridge created by the ring on my finger, it will eventually fade without us knowing how much we really fell for each other.Collapse )


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09 October 2010 @ 02:25 pm
Our Japanese classes are getting harder and more competitive by the semester ;~; We are required to write an essay about an event or a trip or party, and we're supposed to answer the following questions: 

> 何のこと 『休み、パーティ、しゅうまつ、など』
> いつ、どこ、だれ
> 何をしましたか。
> どうでしたか。「ところ/ひと/たべもの など」
> また したいですか/したくないですか。どうして。
> こんど 何 を したいですか。どうして。

Here's my essay. I haven't thought of a title yet, but I'll think of something along the way. XD


thank you!:)

*off to study International Political Economy*
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14 February 2010 @ 10:47 pm
It amuses me that even after IDK how many casts of Tenimyu, tenipuri_myu  still uses a picture of the first cast as their background image. ♥

So tell me, what did I miss in burimyu , super_junior  and the_s_orchestra ? :D
College life isn't much (as of the moment). ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps, or military training) is something though. 

How's your Valentine's day by the way? :) 

oh and by the way, enako_a  and ch_ar_me  I miss you guys.  ♥
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10 January 2010 @ 12:49 am

God, it's hard typing in Korean. I'm not quite sure of the characters, it's been a long time since I spoke in Korean :D 

Anyways, I hope everybody's holidays were good. Sorry for the MIA, school was really stressful towards the end of the previous term and yeah. I return with a fic: 

Title: Maybe, could it be, no way, right? 
Pairing: Haesica (main), SunSun, KanginxTaeyon, HankyungxZhang Li Yin, SiwonxHyeyon
Synopsis: “Maybe, I’ve mistaken my love for him as a love for a friend. Maybe, it was just our relationship, our friendship deepening. Maybe what I was feeling for him wasn’t love. Maybe—“ A story about how two friends started out from having very long conversations that eventually led to love. Loosely based from Owl City's Saltwater Room. 
Word Count: 2, 434
Disclaimer: I don't own Suju, SNSD or SME. I only own how I translated it into this story. 

* Set early 2010.
* A bit AU-ish since I didn't include the lawsuits SME's being sued for, and SME doesn't hold an annual Christmas Ball ;)
* BTW, for my real life friends or blockmates, kilala niyo na siguro kung sino 'to. And keep quiet about it, or contact me. :> :) 
* un-BETA-ed, so forgive the mistakes. :D


Trust me on this Jessica. You've fallen for the man. Collapse )

Concrit is highly appreciated! Comments are loved as well. The second chapter's already done, and I'm on my way on doing the third chapter. I really don't know how long this fic is, but I'm just going to continue writing towards the end :) 
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25 October 2009 @ 09:32 am

Life's been....interesting lately.

I joined ROTC instead of CWTS (ROTC: Military training; CWTS: Social work) because I love the military--and it's all thanks to Full Metal Panic and Fullmetal Alchemist. The discipline, the "Sir permission to sound off sir!" before you speak, and the training. I want to build up my stamina, and I want to lose weight as well. PLUS THE FATIGUE, I WANT 8DDddd;;; Such childish reasons why I wanted to join, but yeah. My arms are DARKER than my whole body, and my face is getting dark as well. But hey, the benefits are amazing, so this is just a small price to pay :D

Hmm. On to the other parts of life.

It amuses me that three of my closest friends are guys. During first term, me+guys = dangerous mix. A very, very dangerous mix because I have no idea how to interact with them. Now, I think I'm getting better interacting with them ;D 


One thing I forgot to say.

I rewatched Witch Yoo Hee (or MaNyeo YooHee) again, and I was really annoyed with the ending. Mooryong didn't go with Johnny to New York because of YooHee.....again. It's like, didn't he learn from the things that happened before? There are more practical things you need to focus on, like going to Paris because you're recommended by the executive chef of Le Cordon Bleu. IDK, but it seems to foolish for me. Running after the person you love the most without thinking about the future >___>

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06 September 2009 @ 01:10 pm

I seriously love, love, love Jessica and Onew's One year later. Ugh, it is so beautiful.

Anyways, for one of our subjects last term, we were asked to write a paper on love. We first watched the movie Turn Right, Turn Left and then we were asked to write a review on it. These were the guide questions:

> what are your own views about finding a person that you love and who loves you back. is this something that happens because of (a) fate (b) destiny (c) your sense of timing (d) randomness/chance (e) out of your own free will.



> do you believe in love at first sight? Explain. is this view something that is testable or verifiable via experimentation? why is the sight an important expense? why not "love at first sniff"?


> how may we know for certain that we are truly "in love?" how far would you go, what sacrifice will you make in order to pursue your true love?


>explain the significance of the film's title

When I first read the questions, I was like OH MY GOD. Hahaha, I have no idea how the hell I would answer these! Well, I have an idea on what love is from observation, dramas and songs (aka DOUSHITE) but I haven't experienced it yet. While I was writing the paper, I just realized how ....bitchy and independent I am. Or how much I deviated from what the usual teenager says about love. It sounds so different O___O

I'm surprised myself, to tell the truth. How I was able to write that essay. Anyways, here it is. Forgive me for the grammatical and the unorganized essay 8DDdd;; Oh, and I just copy-pasted my answers on the questions.

If I turn right, will you be there? Collapse )

Thoughts? I'd like to hear them :D
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05 July 2009 @ 06:50 pm

I have no idea how to search Gain's store for Nagayan's clothing. My sister's planning on buying the fourth child and I am sooo forcing her to buy me something cheap, but still Blossam or *pnish* merch. Of course, my Japanese isn't that good yet, so I just click on anything that has Blossam but I don't see the whole collection DDDD:

So any pointers?

.....EDIT. I think I was too incoherent awhile ago so I forgot to point out. In Gain's website. XDDD I can't navigate the site properly. My sister wants to see all the pictures of Blossam clothing and accessories. She wants to order online, if possible or ask someone to buy it for her. Sorry for the confusion. I was totally incoherent awhile ago. XD

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19 May 2009 @ 11:56 am
theburimyufriending meme.
Burimyu fandom is a small one, so let's just get to know each other even more

Copy paste the code and comment to meet new friends~
Plus I'm interested if there's someone younger than 16 here~ I'm 17 now, but when I was 16, I was one of the youngest in this fandom, haha. 8DDdd;;>

Go ahead and start :) 

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24 April 2009 @ 07:32 pm

For x_reggg, and for others who haven't watched Smile, but wants to see how Kengo looks to know if the drama is worth watching :DD

This could be somewhat be considered as a summary of the episode, based on Kengo's character ALONE. XD

He's still a villain O__O Could there be something about him that makes him so fitting for villains?Probably. XD

So Kengo becomes a member of Yakuza. But still a villain.Collapse )

And it ends there. More caps here at my PhotoBucket album. 


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